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Sometimes in life, we find ourselves surrounded by people with whom we develop friendships and stronger ties than with our own families. I have several and we consider our volunteers family. They keep our level of care above and beyond.

The charity council is made up of three elected members. Their mandate is to recommend and implement operational and structural changes to manage an optimal organization and continue to provide the best care for all of the dogs in our care.


These 2 inspiring women are charity board members . Mélanie and Stephanie support and collaborate fully to our rescue. They are my guides, my collaborators and insure the continuity of our refuge. They are both owners and keepers of dogs.

Honorable members

We are a small group of dedicated animal lovers. We value love, transparency and integrity and will treat every dog as our own. We are about quality, not quantity. We have always promised ourselves to give 100% to each dog in our care, to do any less means we would have failed at our mission. Mama France

A word from Mama France

Stephanie Surprenant - Secretary & Seamstress


Melanie Thériault -  VP. Full time Mom. 

Mama France Turcotte  C-CN1,  FDM  

Being an animal lover from a very young age, France made headlines at the age of 12 in her hometown of Wakefield Qc, where she was born and raised, for rescuing animals. Her dream was to open a wellness center for sick and injured dogs. Faced with her wish to do something to help animals, Valley Mastiff Rescue was born in 2008.

Surrounded by dogs from early childhood,  her first job at 16 was at a local kennel and CKC boxer breeder.  It is there that she saw her first Mastiffs : 2 huge drooling Newfoundlands and it was love at first sight. From those experiences, she built on her passion and created a safe place of healing & love for dogs.

France is certfied as a Family Dog Mediator FDM. applied ethology family dog mediation professional.

France has an AEP in animal care from the Ministère de L' Education du Québec and holds 2 certificates in Canine Nutrition. She is also certified in Pet First Aid & Pet CPR. She is a supporting member of the International Assocation of Animal behavior Consultants IAABC.

She is also trained in human first aid & CPR.

Her extensive hands-on experience with a variety of health and behavior conditions has inspired her to act as a coach and teacher. She is passionate about public education and advancing the respect and understanding of dogs.

Her articles have been published in Modern Molloser magazine.

France is fluent in French and English. Furthering her studies in everything canine is essential in this rapid changing field.

She hosts dog bite prevention seminars in french and english.