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Dexter is our 100th dog rescued !! and to top it off, he is from Egypt..yes where the pyramids are !! Dexter flew more than a 16 hr flight to get to us. Once arrived at the Toronto airport, we drove for more than 5 hours to get him home. It was a battle trying to stay in the back seat, Dexter wanted the front seat for his royal self.  Dexter was loved by his family and wanted the best for him, and felt he needed more. We remain in contact with them because they love him as much as we do. Dexter is a master cuddler, just a big softie. He is fitting in and adopting well to Canadian weather. Dexter will remain with mama France as promised to his family. He is currently helping spread the word about dogs with Mama France as the main star in Facebook videos !


A phone call later and we had this beautiful girl in our care from the Ottawa Humane Society. She was surrendered out of love and sadly the owner did not know about us, but she does now! Sheba has been adopted but Sheba's original owner contacted us and we will carry a relationship with her, mama France being the ''middle man''.  This way, we can put Sheba first, as we know more about her past, her puppyhood, and her health.


UPDATE: we recently diagnosed Lily with seizures. We are monitering her closely.


Lily was welcomed as a young puppy. She is completely blind. After 2 months, one of her eyes became severly infected. The eye was removed and she was back to her old self. For months, with Mama France, Lily learned to be confident and brave, using voice commands only. She loves to play in water, as one of her favorite outings was going to swim in the river in Wakefield. She loves the car rides too. She is now living in a foster home with a retired couple where she gets all the attention. She is spoiled as her foster mama makes her roast beef and gravy. 


Sydney was rescued July 25th 2013. her story is touching as this little girl was neglected beyond what any dog should have to endure. She could barely stand when she arrived , at 91 pounds. Sydney's front paw had been broken and left to heal without medical attention,  her paw was angled at 90 degrees. Sydney suffered from hip dysplasia, she was treated at the Montreal DMV hospital. Syd was in excruciating pain as every step caused her femur bone to rub on her hip and most of the bone was shattered. Two major surgeries later, she is running and going up stairs. Sydney will remain under our care for her lifetime. We need to monitor her orthopedic status as she grows older. He story has been featured on http://www.dogheirs.com/dogheirs/posts/3939-rescue-asks-for-support-to-help-neglected-neapolitan-mastiff-live-without-pain-for-the-first-time-in-her-life


Gordon arrived in May 2014. He was slowly dying from demodex mange, his organs were slowly shutting down from the parasite. It seemed as if Gordon had given up. We made him a special diet, bathing him with antiseptic shampoos and love every day, and with the constant supervision of vets, we slowly saw him get better. In less than 28 days, he made a dramatic improvement. A few months later, Gordon was placed in Blue's foster home. Gordon also needs constant medical supervision as his mange is a condition that he will never fully heal from. 


Lucy was welcomed in 2011. She is a survivor of Paws R Us puppy mill where 527 dogs were rescued. Lucy stayed with mama France for almost 2 years. Then we decided she was ready to go to a long term foster home. Things are not always easy for Lucy, she wants to become invisible, a sad symptom of living in a puppy mill. Lucy is living with another bulldog that is keeping her on her toes and busy. This is the best outcome we could hope for, healing from another dog is nothing any human could ever do as well as a dog.

These dogs are under long term medical fosters. They are not for adoption.

However , this is how we are different and need your help. We are responsible for these dogs for their lifetime. 



Kenya just arrived in january 2020. She is 6 years old and needed a place to call home. She is currently in foster care and has shown immense comfort there and well, has started to really like the man of the house....like really really like....so much, we are talking about not letting her go. Adoption in progress ! She has a small mass on her back that we will keep a close eye on, as well as her new adventures!


adopted !

adopted !