Harley is a 5 year old female Dogue de Bordeaux. She was admitted to the emergency the same day as her rescue.  Harley was vomiting, drinking excessively and running a high fever. Over that, she has a very evident bacterial skin infection that was causing her to scratch herself excessively.

After many tests, we discovered that Harley has an abnormaly large bladder with distended tissue. Harley was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus, which is not like diabetes but is a condition that causes her to produce excessive amounts of diluted urine. She is now on a medication called Desmopressin that seems to have significantly reduced the frequency and quantity of her urine. She is being cared for in a foster home and goes to work everyday with her new mama.


Titan is 6 and a half. He suffers from a condition called SLO that causes his nails to split, rot, fall off and bleed. This causes much pain. He also has been living with an orthopedic issue with his back legs. We are waiting on the specialists for our appointement to adress both these issues. He really like to play ball and meet new friends. He is eating well and is adapting to his new environment quite well. He seems to enjoy car rides and is even gentle with cats and our chickens.

Arnie has been with us since  summer 2020. Rescued just in time, he was admitted to the emergency hospital and underwent a major surgery to save his life. He remained there for 5 days. Arnie is a part of our medical program, where he will be closely supervised while being cared for in a medical foster home. 

Arnie has been through a lot but sure is strong and resilient. He is a true hero, gaining weight and filling in , now almost reaching 120 pounds. To put things into perspective, Arnie was rescue at more than 50% of this weight. His personnality is shining through , he is gentle with children, cats, chickens and dog alike. He really likes to be tucked in at night before bed and we must read him a story.

He loves car rides, chewing deer antlers and going for walks. Arnie is now King of his castle in his foster home.



Sydney passed away on May 28th 2021.

She was rescued July 25th 2013. her story is touching as this little girl was neglected beyond what any dog should have to endure. She could barely stand when she arrived , at 91 pounds. Sydney's front paw had been broken and left to heal without medical attention,  her paw was angled at 90 degrees. Sydney suffered from hip dysplasia, she was treated at the Montreal DMV hospital. Syd was in excruciating pain as every step caused her femur bone to rub on her hip and most of the bone was shattered. Two major surgeries later, she is running and going up stairs. Sydney will remain under our care for her lifetime. We need to monitor her orthopedic status as she grows older,


Rufus is now admitted into our medical program. Rufus suffered a bad break in his front leg that required surgery before he came to us. That injury is causing him some pain and requires constant medical supervision. He is in a wonderful foster home and his mama loves to dress him up, he even has an Instagram page! Rufus is on pain medication and is closely supervised by Dr. Sparling. 

These animals are under long term medical care. They are not for  adoption and they are in foster homes.


Bouddha is approx. 8 years old was rescued from the SPCA in Montréal. He had many masses on his body and a very large one behind his canine making eating difficult for him. Euthanasia was recommended because of his condition and age, but we decided to give him a second chance at life. Bouddha received his surgery, and the vets removed 3 masses and neutered him, better late than never ! 

Best news ever is his foster home decided to give him a forever home. So he can remain under our medical program knowing he has a forever home.


This is why we need your help. We are responsible for these dogs for their lifetime. 


Lily is blind

UPDATE: we recently diagnosed Lily with seizures. We are monitering her closely.

Lily was welcomed as a young puppy. She is completely blind. After 2 months, one of her eyes became severly infected. The eye was removed and she was back to her old self. For months, with Mama France, Lily learned to be confident and brave, using voice commands only. She loves to play in water, as one of her favorite outings was going to swim in the river in Wakefield. She loves the car rides too. She is now living in a foster home with a retired couple where she gets all the attention. She is spoiled as her foster mama makes her roast beef and gravy. 



Gordon arrived in May 2014. He was slowly dying from demodex mange, his organs were slowly shutting down from the parasite. It seemed as if Gordon had given up. We made him a special diet, bathing him with antiseptic shampoos and love every day, and with the constant supervision of vets, we slowly saw him get better. In less than 28 days, he made a dramatic improvement. A few months later. Gordon also needs constant medical supervision as his mange is a condition that he will never fully heal from but his hair has grown back at 95%. He is very handsome and has a new friend, a 230lbs mastiff named Otto.