If you have read the dog's bio carefully and are considering adoption, please complete your information under 'adoption inquiry'. We will then forward our application form for you to complete.

We're kind of a BIG deal

Un refuge plus GROS que nature !



WE WILL ONLY ADOPT WITHIN A 1-2 HR RADIUS OF OUR LOCATION because of the current situation COVID19 and may postpone adoption process. However, we can begin the application and phone interviews etc

** UP FOR ADOPTION- SPECIAL NEEDS** Dahli is only 2 years old and full of spunk ! She is a Boston Terrier- French Bulldog mix. She loves car rides, playing and having fun, she is very energetic. She likes going for a walk and playing ball. She is not destructive when left alone. She is not a barker and although she is used to being left to free roam, she is also crate trained. She could be good with children over 8, because she does jump a little and nibble.

Our girl does not know how to play with other dogs and her persistence is misunderstood, so she cannot be homed with another dog, but she likes cats. She is not aggressive just very persistent.

**SPECIAL NEEDS** Dahli must eat with raised bowls and requires medication every morning to help her swallow her food. She is super cuddly, and likes to be tucked in with a blanket when she is about to go to sleep on her favorite couch or chair.

Dahli is vetted, spayed , vaccinated and micro-chipped. Adoption fee is $ 250.00 and includes an adoption package with food , treats and toys. There is a 14 day trial period to make sure you are a good fit for Dahli.



We only adopt within a 4 hour radius from   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The first step: the application. We will not proceed to the home visit unless you are a candidate for the dog you are inquiring about. We want the process to be easy and pleasurable for everyone. Mama France will contact you via phone or email. 

We expect you to plan a meet & greet with the dog. Our dogs are in foster homes, so this requires some planning on both parts. 

We will then process your application, verify your references and ask you to welcome us for a home visit. We will bring the dog you want to adopt with us for the visit. It is here that we will decide to move forward with adoption.

If all goes well, you will then begin a 14 day trial with the dog. There is a contract to sign with us. The trial is to give the dog and your family time together to establish a connection. We will wait for your decision to make things official. VMR remains a ressource for the lifetime of the dog.



It is a privilege to adopt one of our sanctuary residents. Those who have had the pleasure of adopting from us can attest to our dedication. All the dogs have received the best medical care, have been spayed-neutered, vaccinated including rabies and microchipped. History and medical papers will be provided upon adoption.

Our adoption donation is $350 CAN for all our dogs, regardless of age or breed.