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Kerby is the friend every girl that runs a rescue needs. He is the one I can call at 2am and will answer the phone and come running,  no questions asked. Kerby helps with transport,  and is our one-man emergency response unit. He is always there when we need him, even if it's to dress him up in a santa suit.  I feel greatly blessed Kerby came along one day to volunteer, we have been best friends ever since. kerby is the proud papa of 2 Rottweilers, one was adopted from our rescue named Sal.











Tony is our man -around-the-house. He is our handyman, tool guy, repair guy, dog walker, bath cleaner, thing fixer, snow shoveller and everything in between.  Sometimes we need some strong arms and Tony is our guy. He is all smiles and always ready to help. You never know when a robotics engineer will come in handy at a sanctuary. 







Alessa has been volunteering with us since the day we rescued Sydney. Alessa was bullied in school and found solace in Sydney's courage and strength. I was most impressed with her true courage when we had to go to municipal council and she walked right up to the mayor and handed him a letter pleading to save our rescue. Alessa is older now and we placed her in charge of our Instagram account. She is a leading example of our future generation of animal advocates.











Tony - Man around the house

Kerby- Emergency Response 

Alessa- Instagram CEO

Honorary members

Stephanie came along one Christmas day wearing a Santa hat with a car filled with toys and supplies for the rescue residents. It forever changed our world. That single event started a chain reaction of love and generous souls started donating to our rescue. We hold Stephanie responsible for that. Her giving heart and generous soul is always there for the dogs or who ever crosses her path. We have learned many lessons from her generosity and continue to follow her lead. She is a box filled with original ideas and a heart filled with pure love. She was blessed to be mama to a springer spaniel named Jerry that followed her to our every fundraising events. Stephanie is a traveller, shopper extraordinaire and dog lover. Her husband Kevin is a great chef and we hold many board meetings just so we can savor his culinary creations.

Stephanie is fluent in French, English and sign language. 

We are a small group of dedicated animal lovers. We value love, transparency and integrity and will treat every dog as our own. We are about quality, not quantity. We have always promised ourselves to give 100% to each dog in our care, to do any less means we would have failed at our mission. Mama France

A true dog lover, Melanie decided one day to volunteer for Valley Mastiff Rescue. She has been a part of VMR since. Her devotion, immense patience and compassion are like no other. Melanie and France had something in common: through no fault of their own, they simpy had the same vision and both shared the love of dogs. It was all mama France needed. Her real gift, she realized, was to love and care for dogs that had been injured or abused but Melanie had a special gift for those that were simply misunderstood. Melanie realized that she could give so many dogs in need a second chance at life and at finding happiness. Today the rescue is home to many dogs from all walks of life and Melanie is always there to care for them. Her promise to each and every dog that comes through our doors,  is that they are happy, healthy, healing and home.

Melanie is fluent in French & English and is now the proud Mama to baby Noah.

A word from Mama France

Stephanie Surprenant - Secretary & Marketing genius

Melanie Thériault -  Vice-President & coordinator

Mama France - Founder & Executive Director

Being an animal lover from a very young age, France made headlines at the age of 12 in her hometown's local newspaper for rescuing animals. Her dream was to open a wellness center for sick and injured dogs. Faced with her wish to do something to help animals, Valley Mastiff Rescue was born in 2008.

Surrounded by dogs from early childhood,  her first job at 16 was at a local boarding kennel. The owner, a CKC registered Boxer breeder showed France the old school tricks of the trade. In that kennel she saw her first Mastiffs : 2 huge drooling Newfoundlands and it was love at first sight. From those experiences, she built on her passion and created a safe place of healing & love for dogs with the help and support of volunteers.

France holds a certificate in Canine Nutrition, Pet First Aid & CPR, her other interests include natural and alternatives medecines, integrative approach to illness, herbalism, the healing power of foods and natural remedies. Her extensive hands-on experience with a variety of health conditions has inspired many dog owners to ask for Mama France's advice. 

France is fluent in French and English and is always furthering her studies in everything canine.


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