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Here is the owner's description: 
Sophie is 12 years old. 

So Sophie's story, at least with us, starts in 2011 when we adopted her from a Mastiff Rescue out in Yakima, WA where we lived at the time. We were told she was estimated to be 8 at the time and she's a big cuddler and likes to be around people and we've enjoyed having her with us. She can be somewhat wary of men (barks and backs away nothing more), particularly those with hats on or beards but we suspect that was a result of her past. When we adopted her she was just recovered from her time in the southern states where she had been a puppy mill Mom and abused (told she was shot and hit by a car). Since she's been with us, she's been very much a family dog, enjoying being around my wife and I and our 3 yr old daughter and our other dog we adopted three years ago as a puppy. 


After a bout with bloat that she won in thanks to surgery in 2014, she's been happy and healthy. She's up to date on all shots and has regular vet visits. She has good mobility, although walks tend to be shorter these days and she tends to be anxious when there is severe weather approaching. Anxious in the sense of wanting to be around her humans and pacing when she's not. She does take a daily pill to help with her hips but is otherwise happy and healthy. Sophie's a fantastic dog.

Please contact owner Kevin Long  613-293-5505. 










The first step :the application. We are not about fenced in yards and making you feel like you are applying  for the secret service. We want the process to be easy and pleasurable. There will be an adoption contract to sign eventually. Mama France will contact you via phone or email. 

We expect you to come meet the dog at our sanctuary if you can. Our dogs are not in foster homes, they are here with us. It is a privilege to have this opportunity. Take the time to come meet us & the dogs !

We will then process your application, verify your references and ask you to welcome us for a home visit. We will bring the dog you want to adopt with us for the visit. It is here that we will decide to move forward with adoption.

If all goes well, you will then begin a 14 day trial with the dog. There is a contract to sign with us. The trial is to give the dog and your family time together to establish a connection. We will wait for your decision to make things official. VMR remains a ressource for the lifetime of the dog.


If you have read the dog's bio carefully and are considering adoption, please complete your information under 'adoption inquiry'' . We will then forward our application form for you to complete.


It is a privilege to adopt one of our sanctuary residents. Those who have had the pleasure of adopting from us can attest to our dedication.

All the dogs have received the best medical care, have been spayed-neutered, vaccinated including rabies and microchipped. History and medical papers will be provided upon adoption.


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